Col-Met Announces Update In Customer Service Team

In our continued effort to provide excellent customer service and enhanced technical support, Col-Met is excited to announce a change within our customer service team. Russell Priske will now join the customer service team as an inside sales representative and Ross Gettys will assume the role as Technical Support Leader.

Russell has worked at Col-Met for six years in customer service, warranties, and technical support. Prior to Col-Met, he additionally worked for a distributor in sales and installation, gaining experience and knowledge in the industry. Working with Col-Met for four years, Ross began his career as Electrical Assistant, moving quickly into production of electrical and assembly. Additionally, he has assisted with troubleshooting phone calls and customer service in the field. Please congratulate Russell and Ross on their new roles.

The experience of these two individuals will be extremely beneficial to their new roles and fulfilling our mission to bring the best service to our customers. Please visit Col-Met's website,, for more information on all of our products and services. For more information, please contact customer service at 972-772-1919.

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