Series 3000-3700 Paint Arrestors

Selecting the Proper Paint Booth Filter for Your Application

Factors influencing the choice of Paint Arrestor for your application include the type of paint being sprayed and the expected life of the PA. Use the Paint Arrestor Selection Chart  as a guideline for selecting the PA Series that is suitable for the type of paint you are spraying.


3500 Series 3-Layer Pre-Filter

The 3500 Series was designed as a life extending prefilter. The main application of this product is for use in conjunction with any primary stage overspray filter. Utilizing the 3500 Series Paint Arrestor will save on the costs associated with replacing the more expensive primary filter by prolonging its service life. Additionally, it can be used in any spray coating application, plus it increases the flexibility of your operation.


  • Made of three layers of paper to extend the life of post filter
  • Typically will double the life of the post filter
  • Biodegradable


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