Waterborne Flash Off System

Col-Met employs a dedicated and experienced team of engineers who are constantly striving to improve the overall finishing experience. Our innovative craftsmen have explored the best methods in dealing with waterborne finishing and have successfully developed a family of products that evolves the flash-off process.

  • Power Pod technology available in corner-mounted systems
  • Seven Venturi nozzles create turbulence to disrupt laminar airflow during flash-off
  • 1200 FPM at each nozzle creates the maximum laminar disruption
  • Optional front or rear zone control maximizes both economies and efficiencies 
  • Powerful Two HP environmentally friendly motor and fan assembly creates efficient airflow at the lowest possible cost
  • No compressed air is required by any of Col-Met's waterborne flash-off systems
  • Power Pod systems come with their own control panel so when retrofitting there is no need to wire into your spray booth's controls, voiding the manufacturer's warranty

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