Batch Cure ChamberBatch Cure Chambers

Col-Met’s Batch Cure Chambers are designed to accelerate the curing process in a wide range of applications on wood, metal and non-metallic substrates. After the coating application, parts are accumulated in the batch curing chamber to accelerate drying time of the coating and improve the ability to handle and process parts. Filtered, heated air is provided through the intake plenum by an air makeup unit (heat range up to 160°F) and recirculated (80%) through the exhaust plenum back into the chamber with the remaining air (20%) exhausted.

Col-Met’s Batch Cure Chambers are available in standard configurations with hinged doors and solid backs but can also be designed as pass-through configuration with optional roll-up doors. All Col-Met batch cure chambers are provided with energy saving E-Light LED lighting.


  • Heavy duty construction from 18-gauge, prime quality-galvanized steel. Panels and structural components are laser cut and precision bent to ensure alignment allowing for easy nut and bolt assembly.
  • Windowed personnel access doors are pre-hung in a heavy gauge galvanized steel frame for easy installation. Entry door is 36” wide, making the booth easily accessible.
  • ETL and UL 508a listed controls in NEMA 12 Enclosure - Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to control booth exhaust fan for user-friendly booth pressure balancing.
  • Col-Met Air Makeup Units deliver filtered air evenly throughout teh batch cure chamber and are designed for optimal fuel efficiency. A chamber mounted probe is utilized to measure and adjust internal temperature minimizing variation.
  • Intake and exhaust filtration is used to remove particulates from the air that can negatively affect the quality of your finish.
  • Col-Met Batch Cure Chambers comply with applicable NFPA regulations.

  • Sizes & Specifications

    Col-Met can design and build spray booths in a variety of sizes and configurations. Although our team can engineer a custom booth to fit your needs, below are standard sizes that are quickly available to you. For a more extensive look at sizes & specifications, click the button below this chart. to view the product flyer.
  • Model Number Interior Dimensions Exterior Dimensions Access Nominal Door Opening Qty AMU
    Width Height Depth Width Height Depth Doors Width Height Qty Type Lights CFM Model
    BCC-12-08-16-P-SB 12 8 12 13 16'-8" 16'-4" 1 8 8 8 Solid 2 8,160 EC-812K-H
    BCC-14-10-22-P-SB 14 10 22 15 18'-8" 22'-4" 1 10 10 1 Solid 2 11,900 EC-812K-H
    BCC-16-16-34-P-SB 16 16 34 17 25'-7" 34'-4" 1 12 16 1 Solid 4 21,760 EC-2026K-H
  • AMU Control PanelBatch Cure Chamber Controls

    Col-Met provides a number of controls for your paint booth such as motor starters, multi-van, VFD controls and touch screen and PLC based controls. For more information on control options, please click here.

  • Batch Cure Chamber Options

    • Height, width and depth can be custom designed to meet any specific requirements
    • Durable powder coated white option
    • Smart Touch PLC control panel
    • 2” Insulated panels up to 180°F
    • Roll-up, tri-fold, or bi-fold doors available
    • Drive-through configuration

  • Batch Cure Chambers | Col-Met Engineered Finishing SolutionsBatch Cure Chambers | Col-Met Engineered Finishing SolutionsCode Compliance

    Col-Met’s products meet and/or exceed all applicable OSHA and NFPA regulations. They are also ETL-Listed with purchase of optional control panel.

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