Downdraft Truck Paint BoothDowndraft Large Equipment Paint Booths

Downdraft booths are among the most popular as a result of their superior airflow control. By managing overspray more efficiently and reducing prep time, downdraft booths redirect fresh air through a filtered booth ceiling for an enhanced work environment. The air moves down to the bottom of the booth where it is exhausted in an efficient, effective way.

These booths can also be equipped with a pre-filtered plenum, pressurized intake plenum or air replacement unit depending on your specific application or requirements.

Downdraft booths are offered in a range of structural design and integrity construction that includes Standard Duty, Heavy Duty and Xtreme Duty. You may also choose from pressurized and non-pressurized, reverse flow, solid back and drive through booths.

Col-Met booths are easy to install and simple to maintain. The quality and workmanship of Col-Met spray booths allow us to offer a 5-year warranty when using high performance W-Series RP Arrestor exhaust filters manufactured by Col-Met. Being the only manufacturer of both spray booths and exhaust filtration products, you can be guaranteed of overall operational quality.

Booth Features

  • Col-Met booths are constructed from heavy duty 18-gauge, prime quality galvanized steel and engineered with corresponding support structure.
  • All panels and support members are laser cut and precision formed for consistent fit allowing for easy nut and bolt assembly.
  • Doors are field hung on slotted hinges to facilitate adjustment on two axis’ to compensate for field conditions. Our standard 36” wide personnel door is constructed with a square tube frame and covered with 18-gauge galvanized steel and includes an observation window.
  • Col-Met booths ship with industry leading E-Light LED lighting which provides lower energy usage, exceptionally longer life, truer color rendering, reduced maintenance costs and includes a 5-year warranty.
  • LED lighting is constructed of 22-gauge steel which is powder coated white, and available in 4000 and 8000 lumen models. E-Lights are ETL listed for US and Canada with Class 1 Division 2, Group A, B, C, D and Class 2 division 2, Group F and G ratings.
  • High efficiency W-Series RP Paint Arrestor blanket media ships with every booth for extended life, increased depth loading and holding capacity. The blanket filters are secured in place with Col-Met FilterLoc technology which provides a tighter seal to the booth eliminating overspray bypass while providing quick and easy filter change outs.
  • All Col-Met booths utilize efficient and quality brand-name tubeaxial fans and motors.
  • Air solenoid valve Interlocked to the exhaust fan and air supply for the spray application equipment is also included.
  • Col-Met booths meet and/or exceed quality performance standards and all applicable OSHA and NFPA regulations.


  • Sizes & Specifications

    Col-Met can design and build spray booths in a variety of sizes and configurations. Although our team can engineer a custom booth to fit your needs, below are standard sizes that are quickly available to you.

    Standard Duty Model Number Heavy Duty       Model Number Interior Dimensions Option Configuration Access Doors Nominal Door Opening
    Width Height Length Width Height Qty Type
    SDD-16-16-26-N-SB HDD-16-16-26-N-SB 16'-0" 16'-0" 26'-0" Non-Pressurized (N) Solid Back (SB) 1 11'-4" 13'-10" 1 Solid
    SDD-16-16-28-N-SB HDD-16-16-28-N-SB 16'-0" 16'-0" 28'-0" Non-Pressurized (N) Solid Back (SB) 1 11'-4" 13'-10" 1 Solid
    SDD-16-16-30-N-SB HDD-16-16-30-N-SB 16'-0" 16'-0" 30'-0" Non-Pressurized (N) Solid Back (SB) 1 11'-4" 13'-10" 1 Solid
    SDD-16-16-40-N-SB HDD-16-16-40-N-SB 16'-0" 16'-0" 40'-0" Non-Pressurized (N) Solid Back (SB) 2 11'-4" 13'-10" 1 Solid
    SDD-16-16-50-N-SB HDD-16-16-50-N-SB 16'-0" 16'-0" 50'-0" Non-Pressurized (N) Solid Back (SB) 3 11'-4" 13'-10" 1 Solid
    SDD-16-16-60-N-SB HDD-16-16-60-N-SB 16'-0" 16'-0" 60'-0" Non-Pressurized (N) Solid Back (SB) 4 11'-4" 13'-10" 1 Solid
    Sizing Option Ranges   14-20* 12-20*              
    Alternative Configuration:   Drive Through (DT)           *Standard sizing of width and height are in increments of 2 ft.
    Alternative Options:  Pressurized (P)   Pre-Filtered (PF)     ∧ Standard length sizing is illustrated above    
  • Downdraft Airflow

    Downdraft Truck Paint Booth Airflow

    Crossdraft booths intake fresh air through filters in the product doors. The clean, filtered air is drawn through the booth and exhausted through a filter system at the opposite end.

  • Downdraft Truck Paint Booth Lighting

    Downdraft Truck Booth LightingLighted booths get bright, full booth illumination from four-tube, 48" long, 32-watt, fluorescent light fixtures. Col-Met light fixtures are ETL listed (Class 1 Division 2) and are supplied with multi voltage ballasts to accept any voltage between 120V and 277V power. Bulbs are included.

    LED light fixtures are an option that can be easily integrated into any existing Col-Met fluorescent spray booth or light fixtures To find out how LED light fixtures can save you money, please click here.

  • Pit Downdraft Controls

    Downdraft Truck Paint Booth Controls

    ETL-Listed with purchase of optional standard or VFD control panel.

    Col-Met provides a number of controls for your paint booth such as motor starters, multi-van, VFD controls and touch screen and PLC based controls. For more information on control options, please click here.

  • Downdraft Truck Paint Booth Options

    • Durable powder coated white option available
    • Air replacement units and intake chambers can be added
    • 2-Stage filtration, 3-stage filtration, NESHAP filtration
    • Conveyor/crane slot openings
    • Control panel and other electrical components can be purchased separately
    • Optional UL/ETL listed control panel with or without VFD
    • Height, width and depth can be custom designed to meet specific requirements
    • Roll-up, bi-fold, or tri-fold doors
    • Standard duty (10-guage support structure), heavy duty (W6x9 structure), or Xtreme duty (I-Beam construction with trusses)
    • Optional above ground basement exhaust plenum is available for installation without concrete work
    • Solid back, drive through or reverse flow designs
    • Pressurized or non-pressurized
    • LED light fixtures

  • NFPA Code ComplianceOSHA Code ComplianceCode Compliance

    Col-Met’s products meet and/or exceed all applicable OSHA and NFPA regulations.

Product Flyer

Installation Manual

Please Note (*): The utilization of spray booth exhaust filters other than the Col-Met RP W-Series filters will reduce the Col-Met spray booth and AMU warranty period to one (1) year. Temperature and humidity controlled systems do not qualify for the 5-year warranty. Please contact your local distributor or Col-Met if you have any questions regarding this program. Col-Met reserves the right to deny warranty claims if proper booth maintenance is not performed. This warranty is for parts only. Labor is not included. This warranty is not transferable.